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before there was exploding dog, there was munro leaf.

I was about six years old the first time I read this book, Safety Can Be Fun, and got to this picture, which is one of the first in the book. I laughed hysterically for about a half hour. The book was actually written in the 1930s sometime and was up to its eighth printing by the 1960s when I read it. Sadly, it's now out of print. Gee, I wonder why? Could there be a little political correctness issue? It certainly seems to deal with some "cutting"-edge subjects (*chortle*).

There are lots of other wonderful pictures and text showing what happens to nit-wits who leave toys on the stairs, walk in front of steamrollers, and (horrors) run with lollipops in their mouths. I can't believe that whole generations of children are now being cheated out of this gem. Especially since I believe Munro Leaf was one of those pacifist types who wrote another famous book, Ferdinand, that I always thought was a cute story about a flower-smelling bull till I grew up and discovered it was some sort of parable about the Spanish Civil War that I still don't know much about except the priest at my church constantly tells stories about nuns being set on fire during it.
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