no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

"jane says..."

I'm going home, I have a headache and the decent liquor store is probably closed. I don't know whether to be glad or sorry about all that. I do know that I don't need a drink bad enuf to go up Rt. 1 to "Liquor Mart", which draws about the kind of clientele you'd expect from a place called "Liquor Mart" located amongst various fast food joints, malls and motels a stone's throw away from the plaza where Governor Wallace got hisself shot.

I wonder if I'll ever move to a decent neighborhood that has gourmet delis in the 24-hour-stupormarkets and delivers the damn food for when you come rolling home at midnight and want to eat something other than a 7-11 Big Bite and Slushee?

That reminded me of my mom's story about when she was living somewhere around Connecticut Av. and there was a wine store at the corner and she had a date with some sailor to consume steaks together at her apartment (note that dating sailors is not trampy when there is a draft on and you work for the Navy Department), and said sailor was a wine nut and insisted on going to the store to pick out the wine for the steak and he was gone so long that she got bored waiting and decided to ditch the guy and go out, so she changed her outfit and grabbed her purse and started leaving the building, only to run into the sailor on the landing finally returning with his bottles of wine, so she had to stay in and eat steak with him after all, but it wasn't a whole lot of fun.
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