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Some of my friends are posting Dumb Childhood Information about themselves. I will be a lemming and join in the party.

When I was little:
- I was afraid of Reddy Kilowatt on the light bills because my parents joked that he would jump out of the wall sockets and shock me. This was given credence because one of the bills actually had a pic of Reddy popping out of a socket.

- I was also afraid of a couple of items around the house which I had somehow imagined into scary people. one was the gas meter as viewed down a vent in our living room. I would take ten minutes talking myself into looking down the vent to glimpse the protrusion of the gas meter, then see it, scare myself and quickly look away. I would do the same thing with a paint chip on the staircase wall that I imagined was a man with a scary little half-moon face. Kids like me obviously do not need drugs or horror films :)

- I thought I could mail letters (to Santa, for instance) by putting them in an envelope, addressing them and throwing them under the couch. (Same couch I am sitting on right now to write this.)

- I refused to eat any form of meat without applesauce, except at fast food restaurants, for several years.

- I would be upset if we got home from church late and I missed part of "Wild Kingdom" with Marlon Perkins, or worse yet "Wonderful World of Disney" that came on after that.

- I spent vast amounts of time playing with the tree in the next door neighbor's front yard. It was diseasey and hollow and fun bugs would come out of it and neat molds would grow on it.

- I could look at stuff like ants, grass and dandelions for hours on end. My mom finally gave me some books on insects and flowers when I was about 6, and I couldn't figure out why my relatives laughed at me when I gave long speeches on fertilizing the pistil.

- I would sing a song on the toilet when I was done. (Thus proving that I too coulda been Bob Pollard!)

- The only weird thing I ever ate was a mothball once when I was too young to remember. I never put weird stuff in my mouth or up my nose other than that.
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