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It never fails, when I am sitting around with nothing to do and want to read posts no one posts. When I have too much to do, everybody goes crazy with tha cheeze whiz and starts posting continuously. I want to read it all, especially about evilshell's wedding, but I am too tired.

Next week should be better.

Dreamed last night about a house I will never go to again, and a person I will likely never see again, and a bed that rose from a basement on a hydraulic lift to a glass-walled room so I could see plains and vistas all around. I am the world's best dream architect.

Sylvia Plath was a weirdo. If she had been on Livejournal I probably would have been laughing at her journal behind her back.

Whoever is sending me anonymouse messages, you know you can just say hi. I'm a nice person no matter what people say. Unless you like being mysterious ;)

Time to make the doughnuts.
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