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i didn't steal your face, i paid the cashier for it

Having and expressing my own opinion is more important than having some kind of fake politeness or friendship with anyone. I don't kid myself that if some Author or Artist or Musician who's trying to sell me something (that ain't a bad thing, I'm just recognizing that's how it is) talks to me for five or ten minutes, they're my buddy, my pal, Mr. or Ms. Nice Person. The truth is that I don't know them from adam and that five or ten minutes of being nice don't mean shit aside from potentially amusing cocktail party chit chat.

and as far as the sale part goes, especially sale on the mass market, as far as I'm concerned, when you sell me your book, your cd, your art work, when you sell me a little piece of your soul, it's mine. to do what I want with. I can evaluate it, I can analyze it, I can criticize it, I can love it, I can throw it in the street. All my own choice, because it's not Yours anymore, and you're not special for having traded it to me. You got paid, you usually don't deserve anything past that in my book.

and except in very rare cases, once I've paid I don't want You, yourself, in the mix anymore. It's not about You at that point. It's all about my relationship with that piece of your soul.
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