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Aphellate brief

I am in the circle of hell known as Appellate Brief Drafting right now. It's rather familiar looking. One of my dear non-LJ friends had to take about ten late-night fone calls from me the first time I went through this with a real client, years ago. I'm sure I wasn't fun to deal with right that minute. Friends like that are pure gold Things that I Will Keep.

Anyway, it's all my own brief, pretty much. That's what happens when you take on an area of law that no one else in your firm deals with. (No, I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. Do I look like one of those sick I-Love-a-Challenge! focks to you?) I wonder how many of these one has to crank out before they get like falling off a log? Fortunately I was well prepared for appellate advocacy by moot court and klink i mean clinic, or I'd be panicking 8.5 on the Richter scale instead of more like 4. I could prolly dig doing nothing but appeals all the time, but so could a lot of other law students and there's fewer appeals than cases because you're supposed to settle the case or win it in the lower court. Appellate lawyers are like some Cadillac version of Je suis Victor, nettoyeur. They're way cool but you don't want to have to call them. I found a place that hands out free appeals so I was all like whoa cool I get to do one, but of course it *would* be the same week there is ten tons of Billable work and other stuff going on. When it rains it pores.
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