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I like to sleep with people

I don't mean sleep as in Do Things. I mean sleep as in fall asleep. I have actually done this as an initial activity with several dear friends upon meeting them in person for the first time, because I arrive at odd hours jet- or bus-lagged and absolutely have to take a nap before I am good for anything else. to say nothing of all the rock shows I've dozed off at. I slept through two Minutemen concerts once (they played twice that night because billy bragg got ejected from the country or something) right on the stage at the feet of whichever band member was playing the left hand side. I can't remember now who it was but I still feel a kinship with the band :)

sleeping, as in zzzzz, is one of the funnest things me and whatsisname do together. I realize that makes us sound very boring but if you knew how hard we work and how much we need our sleep you would see my point. He is the kind of person who absolutely can't function without sufficient sleep, and I'm not much better - I can get by on less for a while, but will start to suffer nerves and physical illness and eventually have to crash in a big way.

and I know I've said a ton of times on the AIM or the fone that I wish whoever it was I was talking to (several people) was there to fall asleep with me in the next chair over while watching TV.

when I can fall asleep somewhere it means I am comfortable and relaxed and happy and trust whoever is around me not to do, or attempt, anything awful whilst I am asleeple. I am always happy to find very cool people to sleep around. as in zzzz, not any other meanings. f*ck all those other meanings. hehe
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