no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

warce is at hand

this "war" is taking on a Scooby-Doo like quality...all the footage of the occupied Baghdad 'burbs looks like Southern California, and from a distance those omnipresent murals of Saddam look sorta like Fat Elvis. I seriously need to sleep. seriously.

i asked ted a few days ago, if it was so easy to knock off saddam (i'm not yet convinced he's dead - seen too many horror movies with freddy krueger returning and glenn close popping out of the bathtub with a knife and so forth) why didn't we get down and get with it years ago? he said the technology was a lot better now than it was for desert storm. I was momentarily stunned at the thought that technology actually managed to advance, given that it is worked on daily in the equivalent of your dad's garage with frayed light cords, toothpicks and bubble gum. but then I had to remind myself that around the time of Desert Storm, I was hopping around on a factory roof installing a giant antenna for a refrigerator-sized GPS receiver that you had to special order from the guv'mint. now any tom dick and harry can go buy a pocket-sized one from radio shack and it works a hella lot faster too. and don't even get me started on the size of cell fones, the I-net or the fact that half of my friends were under age 10 back then. see, I never notice the passage of time because we drive the same cars now and have the same hairdon'ts now. I'm always thinking it's still 1990 or 1980 or 1970 or something when it's really, er, not.

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