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Don't get it. Nope nope, I still don't get it.

I do not hate every song New Found Glory and Good Charlotte ever put out, but having just had their pictures inflicted on me over at's portal, I can tell you I do not like the way they look lately. There is a simple explanation for this: they have short hair, muscles and T-shirts, and they look like slightly thuglike jocks. I do NOT want my bands to look like jocks. If I wanted to look at jocks I would have gotten interested in sports, not bands. I want my bands to look like Thin Elvis, Dylan, Stones, Zep, Bowie, Skynyrd, early GnR, or Kurdt after someone had done his laundry and washed his hair. (Remember, the early Kurdt catches the worm! (named Courtney!) but who wants to eat worms? (named Courtney?!)) Note that I have omitted the early punk bands who all looked like the illegitimate children of stoned Lou Reed and a parking meter, but that is because nobody ever loved them for their looks. Which was sort of the point - creativity and wit allowed sick-looking poor skinny folx who couldn't play to triumph over all the blow-dried Peter Framptons clogging up the sewer pipes of the commercial airwaves. Yes, while we're at it could we also leave out Peter Frampton? He doesn't look too jockish, but he always did bug me.

There is nothing attractive about some guy wearing muscles, a T-shirt, and a stupid looking knit cap. Absolutely nothing whatsoever.
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