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I had a dream the other night about a Libra person from my distant past, and while it was nice to see him as he used to be in the dream (we haven't seen each other in real life for many years and I'm not anxious to make contact again), it was also unnerving to realize, upon waking, just how many significant Libra people I have in my past (I counted at least five and I'm probably forgetting a few) and how things always go to hell with them in the same fashion. Distant contacts, such as boss/employee relationships, work pretty well. But when I try to be close friends with another Libra person, they almost always manage to behave in ways that make me feel insecure and uncomfortable. You'd think we would get along better because we understand each other, having similar personality types and all, but that does not seem to be the case even when the other person is basically caring and honest (not all Libras are). I can't figure out whether it's the Scorpio parts of me that conflict with these Libras or with other signs/aspects present in them, or whether it's just that two of the same thing is twice the same weakness when it comes to arguing, using cold logic, being surface with ppl and other bad Libran habits.
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