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My world's on fire - how 'bout yours? That's the way I like it and I never get bored

Having finally found my bottle of Elmer's Glue, I am now seeing whether it really does remove blackheads when you spread it on your face and let dry. If it doesn't, I heard Krazy Glue definitely works, plus I might be able to hang from a rafter by my nose.

Tonight I finally got a chance to annoy people on the train instead of vice versa. I made my belated bday fone call to derekfz and even though we were talking quietly, the woman in back of me decided to pitch a bitch, in what I would politely describe as her local patois, about people who TALK TALK TALK ALL THE TIME and run up an ENORMOUS fone bill while she is trying to nap. Eventually she involved three other people in her bitchfest and generally made more noise than I was making. Naturally I responded in the only intelligent manner, by staying conspicuously on the fone right up to my stop and continuing while I detrained, conversing about such scintillating topics as:
Whether Playing Dress-up with Young Men is More Fun than Playing Barbies
Is Having Your Ex-GF Steal Your Fave Porn Tape More "Beastified" Than the Beastie Boys?
Aesthetics and Method of Jazz Charleston Dancing to Frank Zappa
If You Look Good in a Checked Sport Coat, Could Rock Band Management Be in Your Future?

More phun than Geraldo having a camel dung fight with Peter Arnett, I tells ya. Whoops, time to peel the dried cow byproduct off my visage.
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