no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Don't burden me with your yadayadayada

"Women make lists and plan. Men pick up the telephone and get things done." Jean Harris said that and while I don't agree with the gender slant, having met enough biological males who couldn't get things done if their life depended on it which sometimes it does, I agree with the distinction between doers and perpetual planners. It's sort of like the old writers' superstition about how if you talk about the novel, the screenplay, whatever, you won't write it. For that reason I'm extremely suspicious of people who talk a lot or post/write a lot in their journals about Their Dreams and How They Are Planning to Realize Them, Etc. I've noticed that whenever I've talked or written a lot about what I am Planning to do, that's often a substitute for actually Doing anything concrete about it. It's like I'm just living on plans and dreams. Conversely, when I don't talk about it, it's because I'm actually getting stuff done. I also know a lot of accomplished people who don't talk about what they're doing because they're too busy to tell you unless you catch them on the fly, or because they'd rather not talk till the objective has been realized, and that's cooler, I think, than blathering on about all these big plans you have and then half of them not happening. That just makes people look like idiots and it's tiring to listen to because after you've heard the same plan three or four times you get tired of encouraging someone, or even yourself, without seeing any concrete results.

Talking about "dreams" always strikes me as a 13-year-old's fantasy world. The one you live in with unicorns and fairies and posies because you're stuck with the life your parents gave you until you can actually get the hell out of there and make some $ and get an apt. and transportation and live on your own. It pains me that so many people stay stuck in a rut past age 13 instead of going out and accomplishing something in life. You don't have to be the President - I admire stuff like financial and emotional independence, and living more than an hour away from your folks or preferably about a state or two or three or ten or a country away. And it doesn't count if you've just swapped in some significant other as the parental substitute or the breakaway mechanism. I hate that shit.

This is more rantly than I planned but I'm so sick of phony and stupid people who talk a lot of dreams and never get there. Call me when you've gotten there. We'll do lunch.
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