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for all you dust_devil fans in the audience

here's a post from our beloved neb by proxy - got this in my e-mail earlier:

i saw this bumper sticker a couple of days ago and it said, "jesus is the answer"
and all this time i thought that 2+2=4. but i guess not.
i don't even know why i went to school if all the answers were "jesus"
pi r squared=the circumference of jesus.
train a leaves from baltimore at 4:30pm it travels 40 mile per hour to denver and stops once for an hour to have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
train b leaves san franscisco at 3:30 pm traveling at 25 miles per hour and doesn't stop at all. which train reaches denver first.="the jesus train"
or something like that.


i am happy to have that guy as my white sheep adopted brother.
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