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Urban Cooking Corner

somebody posted somewhere about "ghetto 64-ounce" beers and that reminded me of when we used to get these at the Kwic-Pic on I think Chester in the middle of Hough in the middle of the night, circa 1983

Black Chicken Sandwich
1 chicken breast still containing the bone
1 bottle bar-b-que sauce
2 pieces white bread

Roast or broil breast.
Place breast on 1 slice of bread.
Dump bar-b-que sauce over breast and bread.
Top with second slice of bread and press down so bread gets molded around chicken and glued in place by sauce.
Eat carefully, avoiding bones.

Alternatively, you could go see if the Kwic-Pic is still there and still sells these, though I kinda doubt it given the *gentrification* of the surrounding area. I wonder whatever happened to that bar-b-que joint in the middle of the vacant lot? I can't remember the name now but I seem to recall it had FREE NELSON MANDELA spray-painted all over the building. I wonder if art students still know all the weirdest places to get bar-b-que at 3 in the morning.
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