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new adds

Awhile ago I asked my f(r)iends liszt to recommend me some new journals to read. I went through half their recommendations this am and added a few. I used to leave new ppl I added a comment that said Hi, I added you, or something like that, but I think in hindsight it made them feel pressured to be friendly, so instead I'm just leaving this blanket comment here in case anyone wonders why they got added. Don't feel obligated to add me back, I was just looking for some fresh journals to read.

I'm also pissed at myself for not realizing that superchunker had migrated over to nuclearjew but looking at the creation date, i had so much crap going on (bar exam + person in my life acting like a dick) i would have missed a nuclear war, let alone nuclearjew. Oh well. Onwards and up yours, rrrrright?
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