no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Come fly with me

decaffeinated and having a sinus headache and all chatted out from yesterday so i'll post this dream i had a couple nights ago and wrote down

soooo, I had another one of those airport dreams the other night. I often dream of airports and train stations, yeah yeah life’s journey blahdeblah starting and stopping points in one’s life yawn. the thing is, airports and plane travels in my dreams are especially trippy. they out-kubrick anything kubrick ever came up with when he was kubricking. hell, they even beat max headroom and woody allen. I can recall one where me and my luggage, in order to arrive at the plane gate, had to get on this twisty escalator that halfway down turned into a shiny chrome carnival slide with Dr. Seussian convolutions. and another that involved climbing through a little airlock/hatchway to get on the plane to japan, which was decked out in psychedelic oranges and blues, was completely padded inside (so no seats, you just sat on the floor) and featured japanese stewardesses in jumpsuits and helmets and various states of weightlessness tossing big pillows around in slow motion.

this week's plane was fairly conventional by comparison, and I was even going to the relatively ho hum destination of cle in it, except that for some reason it decided not to fly, but instead drive the entire way. it didn’t fly because the sky was too full of planes or smokey turbulence from the war or something. so this plane is hurtling down the highway at plane speed so the trip took the same amt of time it would if the plane was flying. I have no idea where the cars went while this was going on. when it got to cle the route to the airport was apparently down rocky river drive as I usually go, so the plane drove down my mom’s street, and my mom and the neighbors were coming out on their porches to see this giant plane with its wings taking up the whole street sailing by, and I was waving frantically out the window but of course it being a tiny lil’ oval plane window my mom couldn’t see it was me. a little ways after that a building went spectacularly up in flames and I think it was the library (yes I know we were going the wrong direction for the library, my lkwd dream geography can be weird) but then I woke up.

it likely means I’m getting where I’m going just not the usual way or not as fast. or something. yawn
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