no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

people are sumtimes more than the some of their posts (tho not always)

In the time I've been on LJ, I've realized that some people have a very affected (to me) manner of expressing themselves, and when they talk about good things happening to them it constantly sounds to me like they're bragging even when logically, I'm pretty sure they aren't at all, or aren't very much. I don't run into this in real life, probably because many people express themselves a little differently/richer face to face, and also because I don't hang around a lot of "flowery, wordy" english/art history/-ology major types if I can possibly help it. (the law profession is, of course, chockablock with those types but few of them end up in my specialty or firm, so i find them fairly easy to avoid. ) when I run into it on here, LJ being a place where I read about a lot of people I wouldn't be dealing with in my daily life, I constantly have to remind myself to look beyond the posting style (this is always a good thing to do, in any case) and see what is really being said. still, it gets to me, and I wish I had a filter or translation device I could slap on my brain so I wouldn't be constantly wanting to berate these people for their crowing.
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