no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

if ZZZ = asleep, why aren't there letters for Awake?

for those of you who don't already read it, and who are looking for cool things to look at, may i recommend found_objects. it's been pretty cool lately.

in other news, i'm still proud to be an american if for no other reason than i'm allowed to run around on a forum like this stating my political views and no one breaks down my door in the night and arrests me, or even looks at me funny.

speaking of americans, terry has got some great pictures up of a wal-mart opening. yes i know some ppl *hate* wal-mart. let's not concern ourselves with that right now, shall we? that's not my point. i shop at places like that sometimes and anyway the pictures are great. the energizer bunny...dallas cowboy cheerleaders...god bless america.
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