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Just out of curiosity

Because queerbychoice alleged in the comments that I complain in almost every post, I went back through the last 24 public posts and noted myself complaining in approximately 8 of them.

Considering that this LJ is primarily meant to give me a safe space to speak, without worrying about having to be overly polite or concerned with group mores or with what others think, 1/3 to me is a pretty good ratio. although if it was 100% it would be a good one too because this is my safe space, not a public forum nor entertainment for anyone else.

Edited to add, this comment is not intended as a pointed remark at Gayle. It is me evaluating my own journal usage, which she called to my attention. I need a place to be honest and complain but I do not want this journal to turn into a bitch festival anymore than I like to see my life or others' lives turn into the same. I realize that is at odds with my statement about 100% complaining being OK because this is my safe space. So I will have to drop back ten and think about this a little more.
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