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You have an Off button on that remote.

If you're going to get emotionally upset by war footage on TV, turn the damn thing off. Moral outrage, I can understand. Emotional upset helps no one, and seems to me to be self-indulgent when there are little kids all over the world (half of them in war zones that we never even hear about because they are not newsworthy, or in their own private hells) witnessing horrors up close every day and having to live with it. Of course, if you happen to see your loved one dead on the TV I grant you a free pass for a limited-term nervous breakdown, but considering that I lived through nightly Vietnam footage as a kid I think some grown adults not connected to the situation are a little too quick to flip out, and I don't feel particular empathy for them.

I feel the same way about 9/11 and a lot of other disasters.

this is not directed to anyone on my friends list.
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