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War! huh.

Ted and I stayed up too late arguing friendly-like about the war. I enjoy discussing these sorts of topics with him, when my brain is up to it, because he approaches such subjects very rationally. I am not saying there's not a place in the world for the emotion, moral outrage and other feelings people express over wars or any sort of violence - we need that too even if/when I don't agree with it. If we don't occasionally have someone setting himself on fire outside McNamara's office we tend to get jaded about the whole beeswax. However, from a standpoint of my own actual thinking, Teddy's approach is most helpful to me. I still dislike Bush (I rarely if ever like a Republican politician) and think this whole situation has been mishandled for reasons going back to the Bush Senior administration. I almost feel like the League of Nations has risen again. And, I have my concerns. But, I am pretty sure it is something we will deal with and, as a country and as humanity, learn from. The world doesn't end when Things happen. You learn.

My job in life is to balance Thee Emotion with Thee Rational Thought. I learn.
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