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I don't get myself

Someday I hope to understand why the vast majority of writing and art posted on here, I seem to dislike. It's not because it lacks merit and it's certainly not because it lacks heart. There is just something about all of it that doesn't ring a bell with me. That is why when someone's creative output Does ring a bell with me I sometimes appear to go a bit overboard about it. I am like those lil' kid picky eaters who want nothing but Spaghetti0s morning, noon and night. It's funny because actually I wasn't that picky as a kid except that for a few years I had to have Mott's applesauce on or with every dinner that I ate, and would complain if we ran out.

often people post links on here to people's stories or pictures that they find beautiful or touching and I go look and just kinda go Eh. or worse yet, feel repulsed. I don't like this about myself. Sometimes I wonder what I am looking for, that I can't appreciate the efforts people make, what they do. But that's how it is. I like what I like and I Like It A Lot, and it is a small percentage of what others like. Unless it involves a toy, or a funny absurd joke, or carrying on long conversations with cats and stuffed animals. Then I will probably love it and want to write about it and feel odd because I am supposed to be writing about Sex and Crushes and Gorgeous Eye Candy and Age and My Swell Social Weekend with all the other grownups and not posting twelve times about Hamtaro in between fussing over the Fifteen Georgia-Pacific Factors.

But, I like Hamtaro.
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