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whyning. why? BCUZ I CAN!!!

i have this crunch project and my head feels like someone has poured molasses copiously into all orifices, where it settled in the brain. reading about o'keefe coupled with reading one of entheta's recent posts has triggered an urge in me to flee to the less inhabited areas of new mexico or arizona and lay in a hut gaping at colors, landscapes, cacti, sand bunnies, etc. for about ten years. actually the urge would probably wear off after two days. i would get bored and go looking for a native american jewelry outlet or one of those steak places with a giant fiberglass cow outside.

i got righteously ticked yesterday at something i read on some random lj where someone was saying they tried to be amusing on lj and expected all their lj friends to try to be the same. while i do like to have fun and be interesting and be amused and be around fun, interesting, amusing ppl, and i do not like endless posts full of boring recitations of daily activities and/or pointless melodrama (gets old really, really fast), i also hate the idea of people *expecting* people to post a certain way in order to be considered that most loaded of terms, "friends". it's that whole "trained seal" mentality of how we're supposed to act online. as minette said, it's always nice when people read what you write, but i personally don't come on here to perform for anybody in hopes of being Liked or Added or given a Gold Star. if that was my aim, i'd charge a cover before letting anyone read my stuff.

it made me want to delete my entire f(r)iends list on principle, but i like you guys too much.

ok back to work.
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