no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

In which I get some nice mail

mileshedgehog sent me the most wunnerful card and book and little bitty Cat in the Hat! I am taking it all to werk so I can keep it in my desk drawer with my purse and look at it every time I open the drawer and think of my wunnerful friend Hedgie!!

and as for the having time's as much my problem as yurn (urine? urn?) today I am finally getting around to mailing the order to our wedding photographer for my loose wedding pix. we were married in 1994, and I had the order substantially together in 1997 but went off to school and then lost it in the house, and then after graduation I was, er, busy (euphemism). oh well I'm sure that compared to his other subjects, which have included two Governors of Maryland, Nixon, and Kennedy, my life is tea cakes in the park.
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