no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

In which I attempt to be social on LJ

Last night I checked out an add_me community and after reading approximately 37 posts from people under 18 and checking out a few actual journals, most of which consisted entirely of The World's Most Boring Entries like, "Today Justin picked me up and we went to the mall and I saw Jane", etc., abandoned that tack. I then decided to go through the f(r)iends lists of ppl I consider interesting and see if there was anything doing. Found one person with a cool usericon who talked about a bunch of cool bands and managed to be somewhat concise and interesting about it and wouldn't you know, they had the "posting by non-friends is disabled" barrier up, so I couldn't even comment and tell them i thought they seemed cool.

How come all the coolest people are so antisocial? Maybe because they've been through the same crap as I have with people. Bleh. People.
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