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There's got to be a better way.

I am so glad I decided to stay home and move furniture and not try to go into the orifice today with this going on. I think this mass gathering crud has seriously run its course. Instead, can we install a little button on people's TVs that sends a tiny little electric shock to their congressmen and The Prez as they sit in their cushy chairs? Then when you don't like what is going on you can simply push the button to express your preference and not clog the entire main artery for people who have nothing to do with war or no war but are just trying to turn the crank and earn a living and don't have time for your folderol.

of course, if you supported the local economy while you were marching around, by buying a latte or something, then i take back part of my annoyance, unless you got in MY way when I was trying to get a latte in a hurry, in which case I hope Dubya makes a war right on your annoying ass.
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