no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

update on mr. softie

My new wildly overpriced office chair came, but I found that the lift lever on the side didn't do anything. So I looked at the underside and didn't see any mechanism attached to the lever, nor any column for the chair to rise up upon. (I spent 7 years in engg school learning to observe these things.) So I called the chair factory and it turns out they omitted the whole lift component from the chair. They are shipping me one, but meanwhile I have to sit in this huge chair about three-four inches lower to the ground than my legs and back can handle. I am already having back spasms and my secretary says I look like Lily Tomlin playing the little girl. Did I mention this is a Big and Tall chair? I am glad I am a short reasonably small person who likes great big chairs, and not an ex-basketball player, because if I were actually tall my knees would be up to my chin in this thing. I wish I could have just ordered the giant leopard-spotted beanbag instead.
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