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In which I try to understand myself

Most celebrities do not attract me physically or emotionally, even if I can logically see where they are conventionally good looking. In other words, I aesthetically can see and appreciate the fact that Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson etc. are or were handsome men without wishing to be close to them myself in any way, shape or form. Usually when I hear someone nattering on about how they'd love to cuddle or "do" some celebrity who they don't know personally, I mentally go throw up quietly in the wastebasket. This morning I was wondering if this was because the last three celebrities who I actually found attractive enough to catch more than my logical interest (JFK Jr., Kurdt Nobrain, and, very briefly, Michael Hutchence) all ended up D-E-D. Then I remembered that Clint Eastwood is still running around on two legs, so I felt better.
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