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stuff I wonder about

I always have to wonder about people who really get into displaying pictures of themselves on LJ or other websites and getting a lot of comments, and commenting on other people doing the same thing, especially when the pictures aren't particularly artistic. What fun is it to look at a lot of other people and be looked at? I occasionally like art shots but usually if the person is not someone I know and like/love I really couldn't care less, and even if it is someone I know/like/love I get sick of looking at their pictures after a while. I mean, how many times can you tell someone they look pretty before it just gets stupid? (answer for me is not many times, I guess.) I may be attracted to a person's looks for a short while but in the long run I am much more interested in their personality. Of course it is nice to have both but if I like somebody enough they'll start to look beautiful to me, whether they fit the standards of conventional beauty or not. I've never wanted anybody to like me for how I do or don't look or even comment on it much, because if they're all caught up with how I look then I figure they'll just stop liking me the next time I have a bad hair day, so what is the point.
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