no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,


last thursday I found something unusual in a puddle at the train station.

a gold charm of a boat anchor that someone obviously lost off their necklace. in christian symbology, the anchor stands for hope.

as a child, he loved boats although he never went on one, I don't think, unless you count the Goodtime II tourist ferry that we went on for one of our first dates (I still believed in "dates" and "boyfriends" back then). Turned out the 6 o'clock news was filming it that day to show behind the weather report, and he kept trying to duck out of camera range. I later learned this was so his girlfriend, ex-fiancee actually, wouldn't see him on the news and see he was out with me.

we were a fun bunch, all right.

he always wanted to be the captain of a great big ship.

I bet hardly anyone knew that but me.

My dad was in the Navy. He liked my dad.

I hope me finding this means they are together.
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