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Cut to comic relief.

Now just who in God's name would send me a catalog of revolutionary writings and paraphernalia, including the complete works of Chomsky, Guevara, Bill Hicks and others of that ilk, at a time like this? OK, I can guess how I got on their mailing list, but do I look like the type of person who'd run around in a "Keep Warm - Burn the Rich!" T-shirt? Hmmm, maybe I do, if I can pay for it with my platinum card.

Ted would probably like this T-shirt reading, "Ask Me About My Favorite Hobbies" with a big graphic of a dynamite bomb in the middle. It would remind him of his bright college days spent getting drunk with his pal Dan and blowing stuff up on the local golf course, as a warmup for their respective careers as missile builder/ mine finder and plastic explosives maker for artificial hearts.
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