no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

ok I thought of a story

when I worked on the supersecret job I had a work buddy named Joe (that wasn't his real name but close enuf). Joe was a good engg but often overworked by having to continuously build 6-foot racks without the parts. Suit: "Hey Joe we need another test rack by tomorrow." Joe: "Cool! I'll just shit one out for ya!" he'd bitch the suits out behind their backs and drop wrenches and hardware into the chassis and go "oops". when the suits would come in to "take status" (i.e., wander around interrupting us and asking when we'd be done and us thinking and sometimes saying, "well, it's not getting any shorter talking to you") Joe would run through the lab going "Suit check! Suit check!" sometimes we'd walk through the building and he'd point out everybody who was making more money than him which included all the hourlys and everybody affiliated with a union and some guy who stole skids off the loading docks and carved 'em into decorative farm animals with a bandsaw and sold 'em at craft fairs and made six figs a year. when we had layoff #3 Joe bought chili and said he would keep it closed on his desk unrefrigerated and open it when we had layoff #4. sure enuf in a few months we knew we were having layoff #4 'cause the local TV station satellite truck was spotted outside the main plant again (that was how we could tell, 'cause the suits would deny it right up to the day of) and it was Chili-opening Day! I'm surprised the foam container hadn't exploded by then. When Joe pulled the lid off, all the surrounding cubes sure cleared out in a hurry. When the suits weren't looking, Joe liked to play some cheesy viddy game involving a gorilla dropping bananas on the lab computer for hours. one day he told me about his marital troubles and how his depressed mom hung herself from the kitchen ceiling right before he got married and his dad drank a lot and then married some woman much younger than his own kids blablabla. (People are always telling me stuff like that.) I guess we were friends 'cause when Joe went on field assignment in the middle east he brought me back a key chain. anyway the govt canceled the supersecret program and Joe went in the field and i never saw him again except one time when i ran into him outside the east bldg and he told me how he'd been working out of the airport squares with a bunch of visiting saudis and took 'em all to buy roller skates on their lunch break and they were skating around the parking lot having a high ol' time and banging into all the cars and making him laugh his ass off.
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