November 12th, 2008


Update on ugly LJ profile page issue.

While we wait for Godot, I mean for lj_design to appear and address the crappy profile layout situation, bukva at lj_nifty wrote a script that converts your existing bio to the old profile format, so you can at least paste that into the "Bio" section for a vague semblance of normalcy. I used it on my current "blanked" profile and except for a couple extra HTML tags around the lj comm and lj username portions, which I hand-edited out, it looks almost like the Olden Tymes of, er, last week. You can then collapse other sections of your profile page - it doesn't totally fix the fug but it looks maybe 40% better. Feel free to try it out.

As this workaround does not address the overall issue of majorly fugly profile page, nor the tandem problem of LJ failing to timely address and communicate with its users over changes, radio silence now resumes here.