October 2nd, 2008


CHROME, or Hellooooo 1980!

If anyone had told me when I was 17 and twisting my dial to 91.1 every Saturday nite at 8 pm to try an' hear "Danger Zone" that I would finally get to see Helios Creed/ CHROME 28 YEARS LATER I'd of told them "28 YEARS?! I'll be DEAD by then!" I knew there was a reason I lived past age 40 :) even if I did forget to bring my iron pills up here and consequently fell asleep on a banquette during the opener (padded seats at this joint, woo) and on my barstool (also padded!) for three short intervals during the headlining set, which was otherwise grrrreat. It's that incessant beat I love, the heavy duty one that makes New Order sound like a wimpy little plastic tea chest clipping down endless stairs.

Afterwards I got all fangirly on the band dude selling merch and told him how they were the first underground band I ever loved and how I had the NME ad for "Firebomb" (I was crackers about the cool-ass adverts in NME in those days, when I could find a copy to gank from the radio station, cuz I had no idea where to actually go buy it in my city then) photocopied, professionally framed and hung on my wall. Where it still is, along with the original newspaper photo advert for the Cure's "Jumping Someone Else's Train" UK 7 inch, which I also ripped out of NME and framed back in 1986 when I was setting up my own housekeeping. I am old. I am bad ass.
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Captain, she's gonna blow...

I just rushed back from somewhere to go rush and do something else completely different. I'm about ready to cancel all my plans for the rest of the weekend and just sit home with Ted, or more likely sit home with Ted in the next room while I work on work stuff on the PC all weekend. But this pic of the Philly stagefront settler crew representin' is love. Love love. I'm not in it, which probably makes me love it even moar :-) (not that I hate myself but you know how much I like to look at pictures of myself...uh right.).

philly settler crew 9-30-08

The tall dude in the sportcoat on the left is the one who got beaned with the bar glass, but reportedly he has made a full recovery and was rockin' out at the NYC show last night, where Bamboo and company dubbed him "Shitty Julian Casablancas." I dunno if I posted abt this before but there's been a tradition of finding celebs that Settler people look kinda like though not quite really and nicknaming them "Shitty So-and-so", it doesn't mean the person is shitty, just the resemblance. I think Tigerbomb Andy and his band the Textbook Committee started it at Heedfest 1 calling the cute Cracker Barrel waitress "Shitty Claire Danes" all weekend. I'm Shitty Janis Joplin - can't tell you how many times fans of hers came up and said "wow you look like Janis" (last one being at the MDID show a few months back as derekfz will testify). Rob is Shitty Paul Simon and Lesley is Shitty Edie Brickell, bwana is Shitty the Edge, Sarah is Shitty Tom Petty, jakemorocco is Shitty Doug Gillard, Rusty is Shitty Trey Anastasio, there's a bunch more I can't think of right now but man do they crack me up.

Love love.