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Eff em...

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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
12:35a - A medal? no, a chest to pin it on.
This post has nothing to do with anybody on my f-list. I mean it, if you are on my list I don't care what is going on or what is being ranted or raved, it has nada 2 do with U. It also has nothing to do with any RL fiends of mine that might not be on my list right now for one reason or another.

having said that...

Sometimes I feel bad cuz I totally lack patience with huge segments of the human race. I just feel like whatever some people do, it is going to piss me off, because I can't stand them. And I'm not too interested in changing my mind abt it either, probably because they pissed me off once in some other fairly major way, and now they're in the "can't win fer losin' " bin in my mind forever. They took a while getting there and didn't do anything to change my mind so I'm not interested in changing it but...I still feel bad that I can't appreciate their basic humanity more. I mean, they're just as human as, say, some dude in prison or on the row that I'd have dealings with. It's just that the guy in prison or on the row has annoyed or hurt me a hella lot less.

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