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Eff em...

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Monday, August 11th, 2008
9:46a - Illin' like Bob Dylan.
I got sick last night and had to go to bed instead of doing the laundry. Woke up about 3 am freezing (the temperature is doing those good ol' 30-40 degree swings in 24 hours again, you'd think we lived in the desert) with what felt like the beginnings of a good ol' yeast/UTI infestation. I drank a bottle of water cuz sometimes that can head 'em off at the pass and when I woke up again I felt better. Cross yer fingers as I'm tired of seeing my doctor and paying her freaking stupid copay for three minutes of her time.

Waah-haha, Mandi Apple opened an etsy store and is selling plushie rabbits having anxiety attacks, among other things. (raises hand) I'll take two right here, plz!

Click on the Terrified Bear Rabbit Thing's picture to go to Mandi's Etsy sto' where she also sells fansy underware. Yeah I can't think of two things that go together better than scared stuffed animals and beribboned panties. No I'm not being sarcastic.

Hmm, what else? I'm kinda lonely, wish I got more of a positive response from people sometimes, don't wanna goto work and still kinda feel like I'm going to barf. Are those things OK to say? Is there somebody out there who's gonna read this and laugh and go "Hehehe, she's LONELY, oh that's funny! well she deserves it!!" Should that somebody's head fall off and spurt blood from six major arteries right now? Is it like, OK to admit that you're human sometimes? Inquiring mimes want to know! Perhaps Anxious, Slightly Needy Rabbit can tell me.

current mood: viral

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10:18a - Most Boring Episode of "Cops" Evar.
You know you are bored or homesick or something when you sit around watching footage of an unsuccessful police chase through your old 'hood accompanied by the theme from "Jaws" and a kazoo orchestra medley.

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