July 18th, 2008

save the trees

Moon Over Lunchburg.

Creamsicle-coloured and the size of a dinner plate yo.

It's a fact: Once you get Well the Hell out of NoVa, which I H8 with a capital 8 (I don't mind living relatively proximious to BeeWee but you couldn't PAY me to live out by Dulles), things are damn pretty and it's getting easier not to throw up. I get thinking how it might be fun to have a shackfull of propane tanks and pickle pots, out where the down ticks go. Priced some Parcels online just 2 see. I won't be throwin' down for one anytime soon as I just blew a wad on reel estayte Elsewhere.

Please take me where nothin's goin' on. I would laugh at that line being abt New York except the song doesn't say New York "City" so I guess they could be singing abt Albany.