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Eff em...

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
12:26a - "Knitting Expirement"?
I realize the person who typed it that way meant "Experiment", and also that possibly Ingrish is their second language. It's LOLZ anyway.

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9:45p - RUNENATION!!
This is British actor Paddy Considine. As in "Bourne Ultimatum," "Hot Fuzz," "Cinderella Man," etc.

And this is British actor Paddy Considine appearing on "City Centre Sessions" on British television with his indie band, Riding the Low...


yes it's for sure one o' mine, as The Heed hisself traded it to him and pointed this out to us :)

You can watch the whole vid on their Myspaz page if you wanna. The rune shows up real good at like 4:50.

This makes me feel slightly better despite my image host for the last three years taking a massive dump today so everything I've ever posted is like Red X Citay, and if I have to re-up-load and re-link everything I'm gonna smash some things...

ah who cares. RAWK!!!

current mood: yayy!

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