April 20th, 2008

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Some publishing company overseas ripped off a bunch of artists' work from the net and is trying to profit. One of the ripoffees has asked that this be cross-posted everywhere in an attempt to hurt sales/ shame the publishers into stopping their errant behavior.

I told him I din't think it was gonna work and he should call his local Lawyers for the Arts organization. Since there are a lot of artists involved I'm sure some firm would take it on pro bono. Lots of lawyers love artists. They're much more attractive pro bono clients than, say, serial killers. :P But meanwhile, never let it be said that I didn't do my part, so here is the link to the blog post about it with scans of the whole book:

"Colorful Illustrations 93c": PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! AND PLEASE crosspost this link everywhere you can. FOR GREAT JUSTICE. And stuff.
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While cleaning out the bedroom I found two huge 225-count unopened bottles of Tylenol. I never take the stuff. I asked Ted what we were doing with these two vats of the stuff, thinking maybe his 'rents gifted it on him (yanno, "it was on special at Wal-Mart" or something). He explained that a couple months ago when I sent him to buy some large vats of Motrin to be gifted on comraderadmila who cannot get it in Izland, he saw a sign on the shelf that said "MOTRIN" and bought two big jars of stuff from said shelf without noticing that instead of being Big Orange Boxes reading "MOTRIN" they were actually Big Red Boxes reading "TYLENOL". I have no idea how a man of the intelligence his job requires could not only pick the blatantly wrong box off the shelf but also get it all the way through checkout without noticing that the boxes said TYLENOL not MOTRIN, but it wouldn't be the first stupid thing in history a man has done and anyway he's getting old and probably suffering impaired blood flow to the brain and next thing you know will be whizzing in the crisper thinking it's the toilet and I'll have to put him away and visit him Sundays. Whatevs.

Anyway, does anyone, preferably in the USA, take Tylenol in such quantities as to have a chance of downing one or two of these 225-count bottles before they expire? Cuz you know I'm not gonna, and Ted has just informed me that he does not take Tylenol either, which makes it all the weirder that he would buy these when he has not seen me swallow a Tylenol other than the CoTylenol briefly prescribed by my doctor in about the last 20 years, whereas I down Motrin four or five at a time sometimes. He actually asked me just now, "Don't you take those?" *rolls eyes* We are wayyyyy past "The Newlywed Game" here. I would think he would know I do NOT take those just like he knows I don't like glazed donuts (but sometimes he forgets and buys those too).

If you can use one of these jugs of Tylenol, comment here or drop me a line at my e-addy here or on Myspaz and I will happily send you one of these unopened boxes of it. Please just promise me you're not gonna swallow the whole bottle at oncet and die. I really don't need teh dramaz in mah week.