April 19th, 2008

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Oh, Donna, Oh Ma Donna.

Oh Madonna. I see you on that magazine cover, airbrushed to within an inch of your life, your face a featureless, overlit mask to hide the fact that you are wot, 45? 47? Some hahribble number? *rolls eyes* Thanks, I'll take Jodie Foster, who's about the same age as you and me both, and whose photos show the expression lines. There is makeup over them, as you'd expect there to be, but she doesn't seem ashamed of having them, and she's a Real Actress...

Back in my last years of undergrad skewel I used to collect magazines with pictures of Madonna on the cover. This was when she was doing the punk-gamin looks and had just started appearing in films like Desperately Seeking Susan. Penthouse found some nude pics of her and I ran out and got that issue too. Although I thought a lot of her music was commercial gunk, though damn catchy, I loved looking at her. I rarely dressed up just like her (there was another girl in town who was famous for that) but in many ways she epitomized the way I wanted to look and be. No more. Back then she seemed very real because she was short and chubby and had ethnic features that she plastered lots of makeup on, and cheesy accessories. Now she's different, she has stylists to make her look like the classic movie star she apparently wanted to be all along, she has plastic surgery, she has airbrushing. I know she is Beautiful and Rich and an Award-winning savetheplanet whatsit. I'm just not interested in a plastic fantasy.

And I will never understand women around my age who seem to be on an "age denial" kick. The ones who lie about it are the funniest.

Grow up, Madonna. Understand that it's perfectly OK to get old, because it's what happens to everybody who doesn't get dead, and it's normal. It's life.
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In Which Last Nite Was a Lot of Fun.

It's good to hang out with people who are Friendly and nice and like to rock. I suppose it would be gooder if they lived closer, but I'm not gonna knock it seeing as how they're merely just a short flight away and this is more my kinda place. I wish Murder Your Darlings would play a show with one of Erba's bands, that would go together like peanut butter n' jelly. Mitch Mitchell's latest version of Thee Terrifying Experience was good too. I got to chat with Mitch for a while - this is no mean feat as a lot of ladies want to talk to him, oy vey :) that man has charazzma! He was very nice to talk to and it was good to see him in such good spirits. I have a half dozen CDs I got from Mitch and other people and I'm gonna listen to 'em all this week and not put it off. Yes I'mma gonna change my ways :)

Seriously, it's all about having fun and not taking no disrespect. When you have "friends" who do nothing but tear you down, yell, fuss, whine, lecture, create drama, act all constipated about being around you, ignore you, then you fuck your meter up. Whereas when you spend time around people who are actually normal and decent and fun and have a clue and don't hassle you, then you fill your meter up instead of fucking it up. I wish I'd learned this when I was 25 or even 35 but I guess it's never too late to learn.
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