April 7th, 2008

jell0 gl0w

Time! Iz a tickin' in my head!

Um okay, that joke about "now you can pry the gun from Charlton Heston's cold dead hands" was funny the first 75 times. Let's move on...

On the newstalgia front, I was poking around Youtube this weekend and found a clip of some guy named "Franz the Toymaker" who had a kiddie show I used to watch back home in Cleebland when I was way little. Said clip confirmed that Franz was, indeed, very boring. I believe part of this clip is him making a kite the old-fashioned way, from sticks and paper. I tried making a kite like that once when I was about 8 and I think it held together for all of 2 flights before a stick broke. That is if you could find anywhere to fly a kite then that didn't have overhead wires. But anyway, there are also some hilarious ads for Milky Way and Three Musketeers bars in this clip. Was there ever any mother out there who fell for her kid trying to tell her a Milky Way was just like a glass of milk? I don't think so.