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Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
8:53a - For All Mah Elljay PEEPS!
Remember that year I posted the link to "Romeo and Juliet as performed by Marshmallow Peeps?" This year, the Washington Post (or, more precisely, Washingtonpost.com , which I understand is separate from the paper) had a Peep Diorama contest - marshmallow bunnies were allowed too. The results were truly hilarious, and since I do believe none of my EllJay fiendz are from the DC area, I thought I'd post the link to the semifinalists here. Hopefully the site won't make you log in to see them, but if it does you can just make up any ol' account or drop by bugmenot.com :)

Without giving too much away (as there are a LOT of Peep-o-ramas here) I think I can reveal that my favorite one is the Rosslyn Metro scene (in case you're wondering why I don't like to commute home from work some days). "Reservoir Peeps" is also pretty funny, and don't miss the Child Protective Services workers' offering, "To Catch a Peepator." I guess you need a sense of humor for that job, all right.

And now, on to the PEEPS! click here for the PEEP SHOW!

Hope all y'all get lotsa chocolate bunnies and Jelly Bellys or whatever it is you want, today. It's a happy day!

current mood: happy

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