February 20th, 2008

pee wee condom

Forget Calling Dr. Love...call Dr. Kevorkian!

UGH. I swear, between the minister who was on the morning news exhorting all Married couples to have Sex Every Day and single ppl to have Sex Not at All, and the leaked Gene Simmons Sex Tape (which I refuse to link here, you can just get jiggy with Google if you aint seen it yet), I may never have Sex again. Srsly, Gene Simmons wearing a t-shirt (no doubt to hide the beer gut) boffing a hooker (note where she repeatedly turns her face away when he tries to kiss her) who's done up to look like Baby Spice with an O.B.J. (Obvious Boob Job) is about as sexy as dentures swimming in a plate of cold pea soup. I do think old fat guys can be sexy...just not THAT old fat guy. Makes me glad my favorite KISS member was Peter Criss the kitty mon =^_^=
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