January 3rd, 2008

john + yoko

Memphis...where the hell is Memphis?

Sottsass died. I wasn't too said cuz 90 years is a good life, but I hadn't realized he helped start the Memphis movement at age 60, with a bunch of younger ppl, so all us Reagan Yoof were grooving to some designs made by a dude old enuf to be our granddad. That's way cool and makes me feel better because when I was a Yunger Peeple of age 25-35 or so, my life was so miserable I couldn't have designed my way out of a wet paper bag, thus it's good to see ppl like Sottsass and Uncle Bob guiding the way for those of us who, having not fulfilled our now-expired wish to croak young, just might get some second chance benefit from medical longevity advances.

In other news, it is unbelievably clear outside tonight. Mars just hit my eye like a big pizza pie. Woah.