November 12th, 2004


A death in the "family"

I just came back from a meeting to a bunch of reports here and there that ayche otherwise known as Harold Freshour, who was a DJ I believe at WRUW, suddenly died. He is one of those people I never met in person (at least knowingly, we were obviously at some of the same shows Back in The Day), but who I was distantly friendly with online. He was around my age and I believe he was at the very first Death of Samantha show they ever played, at the Ground Round - the one Petkovic mentioned in about 1,223,761 interviews. We exchanged occasional e-mail and I've been on his joke/conversation mailing list for like 4 years. Nobody seems to know how he died yet. I am in a bit of a shock. lilsnapper please let me know if you as a station alum get any werd up on this.
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