November 10th, 2004


And now, the fluff, folks! (call the fluffer)

I realize that posting lyrics is something we all do sometimes, like occasional belching and farting, and so we all just gotta put up with each other, but Someone Tell Me Why EVERYBODY posts that Death Cab for Cutie "Death of an Interior Decorator" song? I have seen it on at least three journals within a month, and Bob Dylan it shore ain't.
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For years I've been wondering wtf is up with those people who need to constantly refer to the fact that they're married. Such as bringing up their wife and their marriage in the context of completely unrelated discussions, like you'll be talking about a band or a vacation and somehow it will turn into a discussion of what someone's spouse likes or dislikes and how they all adjust to it, and in there will be some speech about how horrible or wonderful the wife is, and how often they have sex, and blah. Sometimes this even happens with unmarried couples, especially when it's wimmen talking about their live-in boyfriends at the drop of a hat.

It's a fine line because you expect someone in a relationship to bring up their partner once in a while. I actually make an effort not to, myself, because that part of my life is fairly private - but sometimes even with me it's gonna creep in, the person is around 24/7 and they're part of your life. But people who constantly refer to it creep me out. If they've been married or constantly together less than a couple of years I figure, they're still getting used to the idea, the same way some newlywed ladies love to run around calling themself "Missus so-and-so" till the novelty wears off. But when it's people who've been together a while and even have kids together I don't get it. I have to always bite back the urge to ask them if they're trying to convince themselves they're attached, or convince somebody else? And let's not even get started on the ones who constantly refer to the wife AND the kids. I wonder what they'd talk about if they came home and found everybody split to New Mexico and left the lawyer's number.

By the way, in case this needs to be said, this post does not refer to anyone on my f(r)iends list. I have had a number of people in the past on my list who carried on in this manner but as far as I can tell we have all dropped each other some time ago. Looking back on a couple of the ones I recall, I have to say I feel more comfortable not having to read advertisements for someone's marriage every day. I suppose if I wasn't lengthily married myself, people would say I was jealous and bitter :P I guess I just feel that Commitment Should Be Seen and Not Heard.
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Suspicious Mines.

There are times when I get sick to my stomach from missing the holy hell out of my hometown for its good points (mostly the lake and the architecture and my memories) while simultaneously hating it for its bad points (mostly the fact that it is populated largely by IDIOTS) and this is one of those times.
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Question Time Again...

Given that the Hokey Pokey is obviously about the sexual act ("You put your ______ in, you put your ______ out, you put your ______ in, and you shake it all about..."), why do people play it at every wedding reception and have old ladies and little kids dancing around and singing it?
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