November 5th, 2004

pipo at a rawk show

putting the laffs back in lafayette

last night and this morning were fun. it was a nice clear morning so i wandered around in the park before court. said park looks pretty much like it did exactly ten years ago this month which was about the last time i recall wandering around in it (getting my picture taken). bums to the left of me, jokers to the right, here i am, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH U.

(i did see a very shiny large hubcap laying in a bed of pansies outside the st. regis, but i din't pick it up because i didn't want to have to rassle it up to the courthouse and also, the last time i went around Picking Up Hubcaps i got myself in all sorts of trouble. so i left it there a bit regretfully but i figure someone either picked it up to use on their car or to sell to some salvage vendor or to Hub Cap City or Hub Cap Heaven either or both of which can meet all my Hub Cap Needs should I ever have them (for an aht projet or summat 'cuz i'm not worried about my nuts showing). gather ye hubcaps while ye may, but as for the hubcrap, leave it lay.)

made myself an icon of pipo the businesswoman on vacation enjoying a rock concert. except i drew the business suit back on peep who in the original has changed into a bikini top. i don't have a body like hers and besides if you go out to shows dressed like that, you get cold, scraped, sunburned or worse. i go to more shows than pipo, so i know these things.
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pipo at a rawk show

political joke for samuel gompers to sing

today i also discovered that the afl-cio has a gift shop.
they were selling this red t-shirt that says, "I'm a Little Wobbly".
i laughed for quite a while at that although nobody else but me seemed to get the joke all day.
the thing is, i'd expect it to be a shirt for a toddler, that would be a really cute pun (and it would match a red diaper perfectly :) but it looked like it came in young adult sizes too.
so i guess those are to wear when you're staggering around outside the world bank after getting hit in the head with a brick (it would match the blood perfectly) or else when you've had one too many beers at the Proletarian Politico Punk Power to the Plebeian People show.
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