November 2nd, 2004



"heck, i've had a bunch of [blow jobs]. the majority of them were, in many ways, less satisfying than performing my civic duty and voting as conscience dictates."

- derekfz aka "Tha House"

That was shockinawesome, dude!

bedtime for bonzo

i got up way too early this morning to vote, so it's past time for me to turn in. i stayed up to make myself this icon of carmen from "heartbreak soup". into each life a little gender bias must fall. drip, drip.

speaking of los bros hernandez, amazon just sent me my newly released "locas" compendium by jaime. great timing as i'm about done with gilbert's "palomar" one. i've been a fan of love n' rockets comix since 1985 when i was given a bag with maggie the mechanic's picture on it by that comic/"hello kitty" store (long since out of business) in The Mall in Columbia, of all the unhip places. all these people purport to identify with maggie n' friends because they too are latin, or punx, or bi-grrls, or whatever. well, perhaps some of you may fit, but I was a genuine punk mechanic for a lot of years, on the road fixing big systems in my army surplus engineer boots and hard hat and tool kit. i could show you pictures, except my friends don't need proof and i ain't got nothing to prove to the rest of the world. so, yeah, i'm real-deal relatin' to maggie n' you poseurs can bite me. *yawn* ok, good nite, don't let the bed-chimps bite.