October 26th, 2004

bath room nitwit

A Method of Painting Using the Posterior of an Infant.

I don't know what I find more amusing, that the PTO granted a patent on this, or that Dorsey & Whitney LLP represented. Click the link below to read the patent (even if you're not a lawyer, you might enjoy it).

"It is desirable to roll the infant slightly for good coverage."

Not sure if this was some sort of patent prosecutor's joke or if someone really wanted to market this gizmo to parents wanting to create nostalgic babyhood mementoes, but I fear the latter as Dorsey ain't that cheap. You can put me in the group that would be highly embarrassed at age 22 to have my mum showing off prints of my infantile bum, although I'm sure there's a passel of artists and exhibitionists out there who not only would dig it but would probably do an adult-sized one to hang alongside in the family den. I doubt you could patent it using an adult though, that would probably be obvious in view of the prior art.
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