October 19th, 2004

party monkey

My boyfriend gave me crabs for your birthday!

HAPPY BARFDAY!!! to my partner in grime, Niki "Lau(s)da" waxpumpkin.
Everyone's favorite editor (not that there's much competition given the rotters who rite rockrite in C-town), thrift store junkie, coffee shop slacker and all-around musique geeque.
May you end up as successful as Bob Guccione, Jr....or at least Mike Shea :)

Seriously, some of my friends are like the kids I would have had if I'd been stupid and got knocked up in high school. I like to think Nik is the kid I would have had if I'd been a little smarter and waited till college. Although for him I would have still had to get preg at 17 and even if I hadn't been the original Come Out Virginia when it came to That Sort Of Thing, my 17th year was miserable enuf without adding to it...I mean the pregnancy concept, sunshine, not you!
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